The Base Writes

One my favorite and constant emailers:

You wrote:

"If only more Republicans had the humanity and courage of the mayor of San Diego."

The mayor is advocating having a judge make the law not the people. Where in the annuals of western civilization is it best that judges make the law and not a legislative branch or the people by voting?

You are a selfish, demented faggot. All you care about is yourself and to hell with everyone else.

PS  Kerry still hasn't released all his military records.

No, it isn't Mickey Kaus. The legislature in California has now passed marriage equality twice, only to be vetoed by the governor. Sanders' statement was simply in support of a veto-proof vote already made by the San Diego city council to petition the California Supreme Court to allow marriage equality. As for Kerry's military records, it's good to see Republicans focused on the war ... of forty years ago.
It beats addressing the current one, doesn't it?