Terror Logos

The branding of mass murderers needs work, apparently:

Ellen [graphic designer]: Here's a classic example of a logo gone wrong: [the Palestine Liberation Front]. There are three main elements: a star, a map of Israel, and what is that thing?

David [photographer]: I think that's supposed to be the tip of a machine gun.

Ellen: It looks like a man sitting in a chair. It's not rendered very well. And all three elements are disjointed, like they were just plopped down on the page. They aren't tied together.

David: Isn't a red star a symbol of communism? Is the PLF a communist organization? That could potentially cause confusion.

Ellen: I don't think they're communists. But also, we don't really know what all the symbols represent in other parts of the world. We should mention that. We can only really comment from our American perspective.

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