Romney on Abortion

A good stance, I'd say, well put:

Of course it’s our aspiration that at some point we'll see a nation that doesn’t have abortion. But until that time, I certainly believe that allowing states and citizens and their representatives to fashion their own laws to protect the sanctity of life is very, very important.

I recognize that for many people, that is considered an act of murder, to have an abortion. It is without question the taking of a human life, and I believe that a civilized society must respect the sanctity of a human life. But we have two lives involved here: A mom and unborn child. We have to have concern for both lives. And so the expression of our compassion and our consideration and work to change hearts and minds and that's the way, in my view, we’ll ultimately have a society without abortion.

If the pro-life movement were less prohibitionist and more aspirational it would win more converts.