Polarization and Toby Keith

A reader writes:

Maybe you and Ledeen don't know this, but Toby Keith is a Democrat and has always been a Democrat. He never thought the Iraq was was a good idea:

"When the Iraq war started, I was a little mad because we didn't finish what we started in Afghanistan," he said. "Our troops had to move on into Iraq. Our government asked them to go do it for whatever reason. We won't know for probably 20 or 30 years whether it was the right thing to do or not."

Although Keith has supported President George W. Bush, he says he is not a conservative.

"It's amazing how many Republicans call me for support. And then they go, 'You're a Republican right?' And you go, 'Well I'm actually a lifetime Democrat,'" he said. "And then they go, 'Oh, sorry.' And the Democrats want so bad the real liberals really want to hate me. And then they go, 'I still hate you, but I can't believe you're a Democrat.' So I'm not a real political guy. I'm a very patriotic guy."

That's one of the things that really sucks about this country right now. You almost have to pick one side or the other. If you don't you risk getting abandoned by both. Al Franken is another example. He is very supportive of the troops.  He has done USO shows with Toby Keith. Franken is still called a left winger nut job. Whatever Keith and Franken are, they are at least patriots.

But are they "real Americans"?