It Has Been a Pleasure. . .[Steve Clemons]

Tomorrow, I think, Andrew Sullivan will be back in the saddle -- or at least back on his wharf in Provincetown -- and he will be blogging away to the great joy of his readers.

This has been a rocking week with Jamie, Hilzoy, and Greg.  As Andrew said, we don't all agree -- particularly on foreign policy.  Understatement of the month I think. . .but still, it has been fun.

Some of you liked the shorter posts, as opposed to the earnest, longer ones.  But the reality of guest-blogging is that we come in and fill space, think through stuff, try and provoke some thinking, but clearly -- we are all different in style and content from the brilliant Andrew Sullivan.

Congrats again to Andrew and Aaron Tone on their marriage.  Thanks for the privilege of chatting with your fans, many of whom I have had some terrific email exchanges this week.

Best to all,

Steve Clemons