In Praise of Mo Cheeks

Several readers have emailed identifying the classy guy who rescued that little girl from implosion when she forgot the national anthem:

He's Maurice Cheeks, a Hall of Fame player for the Philadelphia 76'ers and then a head coach in the NBA. It's great to see an athlete, particularly a star athlete, act like that. As both a player and a coach, Cheeks has always been a class act. Keep in mind that he was the head coach, and this was before a playoff game. Most people would've had other things on their minds rather than helping a little girl out of a potentially disastrous situation.


He is currently coaching the 76ers and is considered in this town to be a legend and all around great guy.  Which - if you know anything about how Philadelphia sports fans treat their sports stars - is something of a miracle.

The video is here, if you missed it.