In Iraq For Ever? Ctd.

Readers respond:

Hmmm. What part of 'fourth largest proven oil reserves on the planet' do you find confusing?

We're not going anywhere till that oil has been harvested. The GOP knows it. The Democratic Party knows it. And as soon as someone started rationing your air conditioning, you'd go along with it. Like everyone else.

Another adds:

I'm afraid to admit to myself that your analysis of our situation - that Hillary will keep our troops in Iraq indefinitely if she is elected - is correct. This, as you rightly point out, would be a disaster of epic proportions - the equivalent of a sucking chest wound on the body politic much like Vietnam was. It is pure folly.

But, more to the point, what is equally frightening is the picture it paints of how dysfunctional our political system, from top to bottom, is right now. A clear majority want our troops to start coming home. Basically, this policy of indefinite occupation means that, for our 'leaders', it is more politically expedient to burden our children with immense debt and place the crushing spiritual and physical burdens of wartime service on an incredibly small portion of our population than coming to terms with the reality that our mission there has failed.

This thing would end tomorrow if taxes went up to pay for it or if more Americans were required to serve. But that won't happen – because to do so would begin this process of change that people like you and me are crying out for.