Hopper and Mainz

A reader writes:

I've enjoyed the "View From Your Window" photos since you started posting them.  I feel yesterday's pic from Mainz is the best so far: the straight street in shadows, devoid of people or cars; the perfect row of DPW barriers; the light coming from windows somewhere on the left reflecting on the street and the long building on the right--Edward Hopper would have had a field day painting this scene.

I say this as an art novice/ignoramus who happened to catch the Hopper exhibit at the MFA the last day it was in Boston.  Having never been to an honest-to-God exhibition before, I was overwhelmed.  It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime event to stand a few feet or even inches from a comprehensive collection of a master's life work.  Now when I look through a window down the street I take a moment to ask myself, "what would this look like if Hopper painted it?"  The shot from Mainz triggered just such a reaction in me, to the point where I spent five minutes staring at it.  (A great way to take a break, by the way.)

You can spend many more minutes virtually traveling the globe through the windows of Dish-readers across the planet here.