Hitch Wants Gore

I guess it's a slow news week, but Hitch needs the mental caffeine that a Gore run might provide. His hunch is that a Nobel Peace Prize might be in the works, something that even Gore might feel is worthy of him. Then some wishful thinking:

I remind you that Gore was once a stern advocate of the removal of Saddam Hussein, and that in office he might well not be the coward or apologist that the MoveOn.org crowd is still hoping to nominate. One has the very slight sense that he contains some unexpended political energy and has acquired some dearly bought political experience. At any rate, nothing could be worse than the present dreary political routine, and if it takes a Scandinavian kick-start to alter the odds, then for once one can hope that the heirs of Alfred Nobel will have a more explosive and catalytic effect than they had intended.

Fair enough, but here's a simple statement that I think Hitch may one day retract:

Sen. Obama cannot possibly believe, and doesn't even act as if he believes, that he can be elected president of the United States next year.

Maybe it's a function of being immersed in Obamarama right now for an essay I'm working on, but that is not my impression.