HDTV and Make-Up

A reader writes:

The commentator on Drum's blog is years late to the game.

We already employ both physical and electronic devices to routinely clean people's skin up in HD, both live and in post production. Also, many new techniques such as airbrush applied makeup are now routinely used in HD environments and I have no doubt they're now doing that at the White House. That being said, Bush has always looked remarkably un-made up. I've long suspected it offends his sensibilities just as it would my father, a fellow Texas of Bush's age.

One things for certain, these techniques weren't invented by some Republican to hide some lefties idea of the "true face of evil". Rather, they were developed to hide how horrific people like Cameron Diaz look when shot in HD, to say nothing of the likes of Barbara Walters. The View's been HD for years. It's like staring through a smear of vaseline because that's exactly what it is.