Faith and UnFaith

A lovely interview with Christian Wiman, editor of Poetry Magazine:

CW: My childhood was just saturated in religion. We went to church three times a weektwice on Sunday, and Wednesday nights. We prayed before every meal. We used to have to memorize Bible verses and say them before the meals. It was the context in which we understood every aspect of our lives, and still is for my family.

P&W: You believed in God, Jesus, and so on?

CW: It never occurred to me to doubt it until I went to college. I never met a single person who wasn’t a true believer until I was eighteen years old, at Washington and Lee University in Virginia.

P&W: Where the liberals got their claws into you...

CW: [Smiles.] It was a conservative school.

P&W: Maybe for west Texas it was liberal.

CW: Yeah. It fell away very quickly for methe whole structure fell away like that [snaps fingers]. But the charge of it, and the absence of it, I felt, and never stopped feeling.