Dissent of the Day

A reader writes:

As Reagan would say, "there you go again......" ... giving the Bushies credit for having a master plan, when all evidence we have so far points to the fact that they really are just total fuck-ups. I know, I know. It seems implausible that they would fail to plan for the post invasion Iraq at all, right? I mean we have Cheney himself on tape back after the first Gulf War saying he knows it would be a quagmire! So, chaos in Iraq must be their goal, their secret master plan to justify hitting Iran, right? Sure, but it is also equally plausible that they really are just THAT incompetent!

Look at every other endeavor this administration has taken on or been in charge of (Hurricane Katrina?) that hasn't been a complete disaster (Medicare reform). I look at the same information as you and see an administration that realizes there is not positive way out of this mess and they're trying to run out the clock so they can blame any ultimate failure on whomever takes over. They want to be able to point and say, if we had only stayed longer we would have won, therefore our failure in Iraq and all its consequences are really your fault. They're covering their asses and worrying about their "legacy" now.

I guess at this point, I'm hoping for incompetence over malevolence. But they are not mutually exclusive categories.