Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

Is Bob Herbert predictable? Certainly. Is he a mediocre writer? He's not a great writer, and probably the least gifted of those writing for NYT editorial page.  But when I saw your post on him I thought back immediately to those 46 blacks arrested by a vicious racist cop in Tulia, Texas back in 1999. It was soon clear that they had been framed and arrested because they were black.  Governor Bush and his administration did nothing about it. They languished for more than a year. Bob Herbert picked up their cause and did something with it.  Has David Brooks ever done something to expose and right an injustice like this?  Not that I can think of. So I put Herbert in the path of the righteous.  Sanctimonious, perhaps. But I wouldn't want to live in a world that lacked his sort of sanctimonious writing.