Best. Movie. Line. Ever. Contest!

It's time for a completely unscientific, sublimely subjective, utterly superfluous, obsessively fun Dish reader contest. The goal is to pick the Best Movie Line Ever from the fifty submissions Dish readers sent in over the spring and summer. You choose the Best Movie Line of all time. The first ten to pick from can be found here. You can find links to the other forty on the same page.

There are five lists of ten movie lines each. If you need reminding of the scenes they come from - and the award should be for a line in context, of course - there's a YouTube link to click for every line. You can only vote for one at a time in each list of ten - but you can vote as often as you like on all five lists. Voting is open until Friday at 5 pm starting now. You can vote here, here, here, here, and here. The clip below is just an amuse-bouche for the grueling task ahead of you (yes, too much Top Chef watching here). You can keep tabs on the results all week, and I'll post updates each day.

What are you waiting for? Vote!