Apparently, the editors responsible for keeping the Washington Post's style spare and lean were on strike today:

"Consider the bathroom stall, that utilitarian public enclosure of cold steel and drab hue.

It can be a world of untold secrets, codes and signals as invitations to partake. Like foot-tapping: Who knew?

Let us peer in, shall we?"

No, let's not.


UPDATE: Judging by the response at Obsidian Wings, I should say: this was meant to be a very slight post about style, not about whether it might be interesting to read about come-ons in bathrooms. I tend to hear metaphors literally: when I was a teenage Christian, I would dissolve in giggles every time we had to sing the hymn that includes the lines:

"By the light of burning martyrs

Jesus' bleeding feet we track."

Likewise when I read this. Plus, it was late. ;)

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