I just want to say, after reading most of the hundreds of emails from heterosexual readers offering me tips and support and memories in advance of my marriage, how amazing it is to feel such support from so many of you. Thanks. The truth is: we gays need our straight friends and families to help us with this marriage thing. It's new to us. And you've made me much less queasy. I was also struck by this email from a gay reader. It says a lot:

Reading your marriage posting made me cry today. You summed up so well what we all feel now that this is a reality. It made me realize today as a young gay man living with my boyfriend in Massachusetts how special it is that I think about him proposing to me one day. Ten years ago no one even dreamed of that. Now someone at 23 years old gets to live the same boring life and have the exact same hopes and desires as all of his straight friends. It is something I could never imagine when I was in high school crying to God to change me.

I never asked God to change me. But He has. Which is why I'm getting married. My church will be absent. But my faith and my fiance's faith made all this possible. And one day, I suspect, God's people will see that as well. So many already do.

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