A moment of sincere and deep thanks to my guest-bloggers this past week. Aaron insisted I stay off the web for the week, and, amazingly, I did, so reading the week's Dish today in one sitting was a great pleasure. Thanks: Liz, Bruce, Stephen and Eric. Enough diversity for a crackling debate at times, but not too much for incoherence. It's not easy jumping into my smelly sneakers but Eric said it best. And don't forget their blogs and books. Visit Eric, Liz, and Stephen, and don't forget to check out Bruce's forthcoming book on race. Meanwhile, I'll be back blogging - and at a slightly mellower pace than usual. I used to take all of August off to detox from bloggery. But now the blog is all growed up, I'm just going to post at a more seasonal pace until September comes around. Of course, like most of my blog resolutions, I'll probably break that one as well. But it's good to be back, and to have entrusted the Dish to such capable and fun hands.