Too bad Senator Craig did not read up on the granddaughter of Senator John H. Bankhead, Tallulah Bankhead, who had this to say about her foot-tapping experiences under bathroom stalls:

There was the time she was in Washington for a Democratic Convention honoring her "divine friend, Adlai Stevenson"  . . .And during a long speech by some senator she had to go to the john, but found when she was settled in for the duration that there was no toilet paper at hand. "So I looked down and saw a pair of feet in the next stall. I knocked very politely and said: 'Excuse me, dahling, I don't have any toilet paper. Do you?' And this very proper Yankee voice said: 'No, I don't.' Well, dahling, I had to get back to the podium for Adlai's speech, so I asked her, very politely you understand, 'Excuse me dahling, but do you have any Kleenex?' And this now quite chilly voice said: 'No, I don't.' So I said: 'Well then, dahling, do you happen to have two fives for a ten?'"  (from People Will Talk by John Kobal)

(Ed note: Just learned that an enterprising blogger beat me to the reference by a few hours. . .but still fun.)

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