I hadn't planned on posting the below YouTube of Bill Kristol being passionately challenged by a caller during a C-Span show as I think it's several months old (I had only put it over on my site, along with brief commentary). But given Jamie and Hilzoy's discussion about "grit", I found it more relevant, somehow. I guess I'd ask Jamie, and I don't mean this snarkily, is the woman caller in the YouTube not manifesting enough "grit"? Is it wrong of her to plaintively cry: "(p)lease bring my husband home"? Is it wrong of her to emotively complain "we're tired"? Is it wrong of her to challenge Kristol by pointing out that her husband relays supposedly friendly troops we are training and equipping in Iraq then turn around and plant IEDs meant to harm our men behind their backs? Finally, is it wrong of her to say: "(w)e can't want it for them more then they want it for themselves", not least given the ongoing fiasco that is national reconcilation in Iraq, let alone minimal accommodation even, which is a critical prerequisite for any serious progress in Iraq?

I know for a certain middle-aged set stricken by nostalgie for the guts and fortitude and sweat of the bygone days of classical Athens and such (think the ever more amusing VDH, say) not enough "grit" will be shown until we are fire-bombing Isfahan a la Dresden, but I thought Jamie might have a more 'contemporary' outlook, shall we say. Let's show a little more humility around here, no? There are some real sacrifices going on in this country, day in, day out. And I'm afraid very few of us in these cyber-echo chambers are really exemplars of leading the charge in terms of convicingly showcasing "grit", all told.

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