Rudy: McCain Would Be My Candidate [Liz Mair]


Here's some fascinating viewing from Iowa.  So, if Rudy weren't running, he'd be backing McCain?  Well, as a 2000 McCain supporter who currently favors Rudy, I get where he's coming from.

I wonder, however, whether this is a not-very-concealed ploy to ensure that everyone in Iowa knows that when McCain drops out (that might be an "if," but for now, I'll treat it as a "when"), Rudy's the natural person for McCainiacs to throw their support to?  Clearly, they won't be throwing support to Romney (no matter how much he may be trying for that), but I think Fred Thompson may appeal to some of them who are pro-life or who are the "clean government" types who actually really like McCain-Feingold (which Fred of course voted for).