Yeah, yeah, I spend too much time on this guy.  But, something interesting has emerged.  When Romney originally "evolved" from being pro-choice to being pro-life, he was an anti-Roe pro-lifer and a federalist.  Yes, he opposed abortion, didn't think it should be legal everywhere, but wasn't going to quibble with California over their approach to abortion law:

But now, it appears that he wants abortion dealt with at the federal level, after all.  He wants the constitution amended to ban it in all 50 states.  Or, at least, that's what a normal person supporting the Human Life Amendment bit of the GOP Party Platform would mean.  With Mitt, though, you never can tell (maybe he privately supports the goals, but his public policy stance is that he doesn't support it-- who knows):

I'm pro-choice and anti-Roe, so needless to say, on pretty much every count, I think Mitt's new position on the issue sucks.

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