A look at the science that may one day make this a reality. Pharyngula muses:

It sounds feasible to me. Zygotes are aggressive little parasites that will implant just about anywhere in the coelom it's why ectopic pregnancies are a serious problem so all we need to do there is culture a bit of highly vascularized tissue in the male abdomen that will serve as a secure home for a few months. We'll have to play some endocrine games, too, which may effect his love life but will also prepare him to lactate post-partum. There's the minor anatomical problem that the vagina is a unique tissue, and no, the urethra is not homologous or analogous (fortunately; we wouldn't want to have to push an 8 pound baby through the penis, even if female hyenas can manage it) but that's what c-sections are for. Given money, time, and a few weird volunteers, it could be done.

That strange swooping sound you hear is Ramesh Ponnuru fainting.

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