Max Blumenthal, son of Sid, sits down with the Forward to discuss the work that has made him relatively famous with the left-wing blogosphere: crashing crazy right-wing events and making the participants look dumb. It's not so hard to do, and this type of gotcha "journalism" is lazy and cuts both ways. A writer for National Review could just as easily attend an anti-war rally and find some wingnuts to lampoon. Come to think of it, it's been done.

Portraying himself as a truth-telling hero for capturing the wignuttery of Christian Zionists, this part of the interview is particularly laughable:

That’s partly why I produced it, to break out of the liberal intellectual bubble that I’ve been working in and that audience that I’ve been writing for. And I think I’ve really broken through.

Because as we all know The Nation and The Huffington Post are bastions of objectivity and politically diverse readerships.

On this subject, it's well worth going back and re-reading Andrew's review of Blumenthal père's hagiography of the Clintons. An excerpt:

It has the tone and manner and piety of one of those "Lives of the Saints" books most Catholic school kids were once forced to read at some point or other. It's not a memoir, or a history. It's a Gospel. Its facts are assembled, as the facts in the Gospels were assembled, for one purpose only: to affirm the faith, to rally the flock, to spread the further glory of the Church.

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