Since Andrew was kind enough to tell us to feel free to use this forum to promote our blogs and books, allow me to plug a post on, Last Year's Biggest M&A Case, in which I analyze In re PNB Holding Co. Shareholders Litigation. It's a fairly typical example of the sort of corporate governance wonkery regular readers get.

Coming soon to, by the way, will be a site redesign. I've long wanted to redo the front page into a landing page that serves as a planet (a.k.a. hub) site for three content blogs: one on corporate law/governance, one on food and wine, and one for punditry of the sort I've been doing here this week.

My assumption - based on lots of conversations with members of my target audience - is that a professional blog focusing solely on technical legal analysis, without requiring the reader to wade through political opinions, wine reviews, and so on, will be more effective in reaching this target audience. These readers can bookmark that site and/or subscribe exclusively to that site's feed. As such, I'll be able to use this corner of my section of the blogosphere more effectively as an adjunct to my vocation.

Conversely, I also no longer have to worry that my generalist readers will get bored. After all, there was always something incongruous about going from a post that used the jargon of Oliver Williamson's New Institutional Economics to analyze some aspect of corporate governance to a post about the comparative merits of white and black truffles.

I tried a DIY version of this project last year. It didn't work out very well. But now I've got a professional web designer who seems to get "it." So please keep checking for the new design; hopefully, we'll roll it out next month.

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