The Mitt's kids meme Eric brought to our attention earlier today is making my friend Hugh Hewitt mad:

The AP, with lefty bloggers in tow, is trying to make an issue out of an ambush question at a Romney campaign forum today.

Lefty bloggers? Me? Liz Mair, who called it just plain stupid? James Joyner, who said it might "be the dumbest answer ever by a presidential candidate" and also rejected the Romney camp's spin by explaining that "the longer version is more harmful to Romney than the AP story"? Steve Benen, who quotes the Romney spin and then says "Romney still believes driving a Winnebago and writing for a campaign blog is “showing support for our,” on par with serving in the military"? Jim Geraghty, who says "Romney seems a little off-key" and says the Romney spin "leaves me a little cold"? Sorry, but trying to spin this as a lefty tempest in a teapot simply won't work.

You can discuss the Romney's kids meme over at my blog, where I've cross posted this. Right of center bloggers who agree that Romney put his foot in it (again) are encouraged to send a TrackBack ping, so we can get a sense of whether Liz, James, Steve, Jim and I are aberrational.

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