A reader writes:

Your "Quote for the Day" from Roger Cohen caused me to do a double take. I am for Obama at the moment, but this quote made me think that one of the great advantages with Clinton is that the whole world LOVES Bill Clinton. Restoration of the House of Clinton would be a signal to the world that the Americans have finally come to their senses. Obama will have a lot of work to do to rebuild trust. He will have a honeymoon, but he will also have misteps. There will be a time when the international community will be wondering if he has what it takes.

With Clinton, America regains it credibility in the international arena virtually instantly. The world knows this dynasty, and the evidence is that they like it. I doubt that any foreign government will spend more than two minutes worrying about what Cohen refers to as "stripping the regal". They'll be so relieved that we've stripped the arrogant neoconservative war mongering machine.

It is a fact, I think, that Bill Clinton is a huge asset to the Clinton candidacy. To deny that is to deny reality. He brings to the Middle East, especially, real star power. For some reason, they love the guy, probably because they are as addicted to lying and bullshit as he is. But, hey, he nearly got an agreement at Taba. Maybe the burbling, beaming bubba is what Iraq needs.

I had another illicit thought about Hillary the other night. Yes, I was the worse for wear, so take this for what it's worth. I was thinking: however awful it would be to have Hillary as president, wouldn't the fact of a woman running the most powerful country on earth piss off the Islamists in all the right ways? Her appointing her own husband - an ex-president no less - to a lesser position would also tick the mullahs off. How better to tell those sexist pigs what we stand for? That's where my thoughts were. Maybe I should have left them where I found them. But what else is a blog for?

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