For The Record

A love-bomb (for which much thanks) and a snarl from the Corner today. In response to JPod, I have never compared America's Christians to "Germans who adored Hitler." I wrote that political theology is a very dangerous thing, and cited Mark Lilla's superb new book to that general effect. My use of the term "Christianist" is precisely to avoid smearing most Christians with the label of political theology. Anyone who actually read "The Conservative Soul" will see that it is a defense of Christianity from the depredations of Karl Rove's and James Dobson's ambition. As for my alleged "bemoaning the guilty verdict of Jose Padilla." Readers can see what I have written here and here. In fact, I am relieved that justice was finally done on charges far lesser than those originally thrown about. My concern is about the path to that judgment and the serious damage to liberty and the Constitution it has wrought. If K-Lo wants to know why I consider myself a conservative (and plenty of others do too), a defense of constitutional liberty against an executive that detains without charges and tortures is a pretty good definition of what conservatism once was. I know where Burke stood on such matters. I am proud of that label and appalled by what National Review's authoritarianism and contempt for individual liberties has done to conservative honor and integrity.