Not to tag-team with Steve and turn this guest-blogging stint into a Pollack/O'Hanlon extravaganza, but one quick note regarding their longer trip report on Iraq. The word "Iran" is mentioned exactly once, thus:

"There are other new tactics associated with the surge as well. As one case in point, we are now controlling more access points into Baghdad from the southeast. Doing so complicates Iran’s ability to supply al-Qa’ida as well as Shi’i militia forces with sophisticated deadly weaponry such as explosively formed penetrator devices." [my emphasis]

We've been told via Odierno/Gordon that Iran is getting EFPs to rogue JAM and such, but has it been conclusively established that Iran is also supplying EFPs to al-Qaeda? I hadn't heard this, and am rather taken aback by how breezily Pollack and O'Hanlon assume it as a factual given here. Where's the beef?

(I address this and related topics here, in case you want to weigh in via comments).

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