As Ames approaches, I'm getting inundated with emails about, er, a certain candidate-- and other stuff. So, I'm just going to do a run-down of what I've been sent that is of interest.

1. A reader from up in New England thinks this Boston Globe piece on Romney is interesting. Personally, it looks like much of the same old, same old, to me, but the points raised in it are as valid now as they were when raised months ago to people who are deeply concerned about Mitt's movement on abortion.

2. Sam Brownback, who I really deeply disagree with on social issues, has posted a video response to Romney again on the subject of abortion. It's a bit long for my tastes, but evidently has been seen by a lot of people in Iowa, given the number of emails I've had about it. Will it affect Ames? If 10,000 of the 11,000 or so people who have watched it on YouTube are going to the straw poll, maybe. But I'm a little dubious of that. Anyway...

3. Tommy Thompson hopes to pull 20% at Ames. Somehow, I am doubting that will happen.

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