A reader writes:

Rove fed a primal need in Bush to win at everything. Unfortunately, winning, to both of them, meant winning the daily news cycle. Even more unfortunate for the country, winning meant the demonization and emasculation of the Democrats. When you view the White House through this prism, the last six plus years make complete sense.

The pair of them framed every issue in this macho light. This is yet another reason why the Republicans are so eager for the Democrats to nominate Hillary. It plays right into their storyline.

And Giuliani continues it perfectly. After a rocky start, he seems the strongest GOP candidate right now. The South will forgive Rudy's personal foibles if they are accompanied by  relentless, polarizing belligerence against enemies at home and abroad. Christianity may be about peace, but Christianism is about war - a culture war against the enemy. Rudy will shift that fight in the Malkin direction - toward foreign enemies and what many on the right will see as their treasonous allies at home. And he loves to fight.

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