Libertarians for Romney-- now that's a pretty good joke if you ask me!  The best bit about this post is that Jason Bonham, Romney fanatic and one of the main movers of the pro-Romney message online, claims that Romney doesn't want his health care plan rolled out nationwide.  I guess Jason wasn't paying attention to, say, that interview with that waitress in New Hampshire, where the obvious message was "elect me, and I'll make sure you in New Hampshire have access to the health care plan I instituted in Massachusetts" (which, uh, as President as opposed to, say, Governor of New Hampshire, he could only really achieve by rolling his plan out nationwide-- obviously what he has in mind anyway, if you ever ask him about it point blank, as I have).  Or maybe Romney was just saying that since he's such a great problem-solver, and his health care plan was the answer to everyone's prayers in Massachusetts, that waitress should vote for him because he's clever and strong enough to come up with a different, less big-government, less Ted Kennedy-approved plan when in the White House-- even though he couldn't manage that when back in Boston (but remember, his health care plan is great-- he keeps saying so in things like debates, which perhaps Jason doesn't watch).

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