So, courtesy of that "civil liberties-minded" Democratic Congress, the President now gets to wiretap with few restraints.  I won't bother restating that I don't think that what Congress passed was the best way to go, from a liberties standpoint, but I did want to comment on one point made by Jennifer Rubin at the AmSpec blog.

Jennifer and I both write at the New York Sun, and I agree with a lot of what she says, but I did raise my eyebrow at this. She writes today that "Red State Democratic Senators like Webb, Salazar, Pryor and Nelson voted yes. Hillary, Biden, Obama and the Blue State Democrats voted no. There were a few exceptions- Baucus and Tester from Montana voted no."

I dispute her definition of "red state": in what respect can Montana, with a Democratic Governor and two Democratic Senators still be described as "red?" Montana is purple at best. Ditto Colorado, which now has a Democratic Governor, one Democratic Senator (soon to be two Democratic Senators based on my reading of the 2008 race out there), and four Democrats out of seven Congressmen total-- plus Democratic majorities in both of its state houses? And Arkansas? They also have a Democratic Governor, and two Democratic Senators, and most of their Congressmen are Democrats. Arkansas may not be a liberal state, but it certainly isn't red, in my estimation.

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