A Case For Clinton, The Workaholic

A reader writes:

Few people are as frustrated about Hillary's poll-driven, triangulating politics as I am. She's a very polished, oh-so-careful pol. But let's get real.

Who among the Republicans is a more dependable straight-talker than she is?  Romney, who flips and flops at the speed of light? Rudy, the multiple adulterer who loves to pal around with crooks? McCain who in the last year has stunningly drained every drop of his once quite measurable credibility? And there's Fred Thompson. Sitting here at my computer in Denver, I've had a more notable Senate career than he has. And what about the Democrats? Obama and Edwards maybe, but how do they score on experience, intelligence, and the kind of workaholism that continues to amaze this once workaholic?

Hillary has her lesser nature, as do we all. But she is heads and shoulders beyond the rest of the pack in experience, sky-high intelligence, energy, and a dedication to work that no one in the field can match.

She will be competent and work like a dog. She will give it her very best, and with her smarts and savvy, I don't think she will make major mistakes.  A misstep or two, but no bombing Iran with no plan for what to do the next morning.

So give her a break. She's not the ideal candidate, but she will do and then some. And compared to Bush, she will be marvelous.