Forward, the liberal Jewish weekly, offers some advice to liberals all-too-ready to embrace the calumnies of John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt.

“The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” is not a good book, and it does no service to those who truly crave a more robust debate in this country. Still, if the Forward had been asked to participate in a debate with the professors, we would have done so happily. Helping them to market their book was a different story. But that’s the genius of the victimhood game: If you’ve been rejected, you’ve won in the court of public opinion.

The editorial is worth reading in full. And keep in mind that the Forward is the furthest thing from the neo-conservative, Jewish-lobby apparatus so often decried by Mearsheimer and Walt.

Except to see a great deal of praise for these clowns over the coming weeks by their fellow courageous, speaking-truth-to-power comrade here.

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