"No End In Sight"

A longtime reader writes:

If you haven't seen "No End In Sight", I highly recommend it. This is not an anti-war screed. It's a devastating analysis of the incompetence that lost postwar Iraq - who, what, and some attempt at why - all through interviews with former top-level Bush administration players.

Nothing here you don't already know, but five years condensed into any hour and a half (and very well edited) makes for a powerful indictment. However incompetent you thought they were - and we both share similar opinions on that score - you will walk away shaken. It was worse - much worse. It was Katrina writ large - and on that score, keep your eyes peeled for an interviewee named Walter Slocombe - the Iraq war's "Brownie", and the most important player I'd never heard of - my god, unbelievable. Bush has completely destroyed our credibility. We are a lesser country, in so many ways, and surely in the eyes of the world - including those of our enemies - but most criminally, in the eyes of our friends. Fools.

It's a movie I'm desperate to see as soon as I return to DC. Here's the website. In deciding whether to continue this ill-starred venture next month, it's helpful to remind ourselves of its entire history, and the shameful negligence, arrogance and hubris that has led us to this point. We are about to decide whether to occupy the Muslim Middle East for the rest of our lifetimes. We should not make that decision lightly.