Why The Perjury? Ctd

A reader writes:

There are two "whys" to be answered:

1) Why did Libby lie in the first place? To keep the prosecutor from getting to Cheney. That one is simple.

2) Why did Libby risk his career by committing perjury, which is not a common-or-garden variety of lie? This is a more complicated issue, because one would presume that Libby would know better than to risk a perjury rap. Here, my view is that Libby was entirely confident that he would not get caught, because he assumed that the journalists with whom he had spoken would never testify. He probably lied all the time, and never got caught, so why should this time be different? He could not have predicted that Fitz would squeeze testimony out of the reporters.

That sounds right. But he's a perjurer nonetheless. And this president has declared that perjury by a senior aide does not require any jailtime. Remember when he was promising to restore honor to the Oval Office?