Things We Love About America, Part III

A reader writes:

Here in Los Angeles, there's a foreign-born man (although he refuses to reveal where) named Tommy Wiseau who 4 years ago wrote, directed, and gave himself the lead role in a horrendous movie called "The Room". It's probably one of the most awful movies ever, so bad, it's hilariously good.

The punchline is that "The Room" has been playing in West Hollywood every month for the past 4 years to a theater full of dedicated "The Room" fans, who show up in costume and engage in raucous audience participation, as well as buy DVDs and t-shirts related to "The Room." I attended for the first time on Saturday, and it was one of the funniest experiences seeing a movie I've had in a long time. Tommy also has just completed a sitcom pilot, which looks like another masterpiece.

So Tommy's entirely self-produced, horrible, overwrought, and semi-insane movie has been playing in theaters since 2003 with a legion of hard-core fans. Can you name a movie that came out in 2003 off the top of your head? I think that's America right there.