The Tillman Mystery

A reader writes:

The "Delta guys" theory doesn't make a lot of sense.

The US Army sniper rifles are the M-24 and the M82A1M/M107. The former is an anti-personnel rifle with 7.62mm caliber, the latter is anti-material with .50 cal. Both are bolt-action.


1) The medical examiner said "M-16". M-16's are 5.56mm caliber. I assume that he/she could tell the difference. 5.56mm isn't a good choice for long-range sniping.

2) None of the bolt-action sniper rifles can "burst" fire.

I agree that something about three shots to the forehead sounds fishy, but Delta snipers from long range isn't a viable explanation.  Franky, neither is burst-fire from a single weapon since it would be unlikely for three shots to be tightly grouped due to recoil.

I keep thinking this incident is out of a movie. The heroism, the sacrifice, the tragedy, the lies, the cover-up, and the unthinkable. I should repeat I think it's almost certainly a friendly fire accident. But too much still doesn't add up. And then there's this: his diary was destroyed?