The Petraeus Perplex


A reader writes:

I see eye-to-eye on most issues regarding this administration, but I think you're making a mountain out of a molehill over Petraeus. So what if he's a Republican? So what if he's partisan towards the Administration? He's the best man for the job. He should have been in command there years ago. He's the closest thing to the classical warrior poet that we have in the modern context. His job is to kill the enemy, placate the population, and try to stabilize Bush's disaster. So long as he does that job, who cares about his partisanship? I have seen no evidence whatsoever that his partisanship is affecting his judgment or his performance.

My simple response: I don't think generals should be publicly Republican or Democrat. I'd rather Petraeus did his job in Iraq than played politics in America. Let him offer facts in September, based on the metrics cited last January. Spinning now on GOP propaganda outlets is counter-productive. What would the response be if he were offering administration talking points on Rush Limbaugh's show? And what, pray, is the difference between that and Hewitt? Is Hannity next? Levin? Savage?

(Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty.)