The Case Against Gay Marriage

"Mr. Solomon asked Mr. Habich to be his guest at a White House dinner. Mr. Habich, 54, said: "I thought, this early in our relationship, we should keep everything on an even footing, so I invited him to an occasion of state, too: the Minnesota State Fair."

The fair gave Mr. Solomon, who has written about his travels to places like China, a chance to learn about Midwestern exotica like butter sculptures and dairy princesses...

Mr. Habich wore traditional English morning dress, Mr. Solomon an Asian tunic made of 19th-century salmon-colored silk fabric, tailored by Hardy Amies Ltd., the Savile Row clothiers, with touches added by Han Feng, a New York fashion designer. They listened as the Rev. Peter J. Gomes, a minister of the Memorial Church at Harvard, urged the couple to remain 'outre'"- from the NYT account of the Solomon-Habich wedding in a country estate in England. Don't miss the photo-slide-show.