A reader writes:

Wow, that interview is crazy to listen to. Hewitt has that practiced calm, that "Oh we're just having a nice conversation here" gas-lighting technique to wrap around his insane paranoia and propaganda about "The MSM". I mean, to use himself and Limbaugh as examples of some kind of outsiders, some kind of Davids facing down the "Beltway/Manhattan Elites" is just disingenuous and bizarre. It's all that "Who, me?" stuff that works when they preach to their choir, but the undertones of hostility and contempt are loud and clear. To paraphrase "Broadcast News", the Devil isn't going to convince anyone if he has a long, red, pointy tail. He'll look attractive and helpful and he'll get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation and he'll never do an evil thing. He'll just bit by bit lower standards where they are important. I'm not saying Hewitt's the Devil, but what he does is wrong, and dishonest.

I mean, does Hewitt realize that there is just as much suspicion of "The MSM" from the Left as from the Right? I'm sure he does, and I'm sure he'd just say that only shows how unhinged the wacko left is, that "The MSM" looks conservative from that distant "fringe". But it's like the frog in the pot that doesn't realize the water is coming to a slow boil; the tectonics of this country are shifting and the vast, populist heartland they once felt they represented is becoming a bit pissed off that they are being lied to.

Look, I know Jake and like him a lot. That disclosed, he really isn't a classic example of a knee-jerk left-liberal journalist. They do exist; but he's not one of them. He's tough on liberals and Democrats - look at his recent roasting of Harry Reid. Sure, I do think there's something lame about MSM reporters not being able to just say what their politics are. But if Jake's politics were exposed fully, he'd be a conservative Democrat or liberal Republican. He's certainly not a reflexive partisan liberal. That Hewitt makes even Tapper the enemy just goes to show how deep Hewitt's nutty partisanship goes. My advice: never go on his show. Not only is he an unrepentant apparatchik, he's really good at it.