Scott Thomas Update

Well, I trawled through the various knuckle-dragging websites and there's still no actual, you know, evidence that he fabricated anything. Maybe he did. First-person war-stories are always hard to verify beyond a shadow of a doubt, no? But if Malkin can't dredge up something and fling it by now, no one can. Unhinged bigot Ace tries dredging through others' private lives again. When in doubt, aim for the girlfriend. To reiterate: I cannot know if everything in the various Baghdad Diarists checks out. But I cannot know that about any number of pieces I read every day. I'm also a proud alumn of TNR. But it seems to me people should make actual allegations of factual inaccuracy or refrain from smears. Call me crazy.

Oh, and, by the way, the attorney-general has clearly been fingered for perjury by the evidence of the FBI director. Here appears to be a proven untruth under oath by the attorney-general. Now do you have an idea why the entire right-wing blogosphere is frothing at the mouth about a story whose primary controversial fact has actually checked out?