Ron Paul In Iowa

A reader writes:

I don't want Ron Paul to place second in Ames, per Ruffini's prediction.  I want Paul to WIN Ames.  I want him to take the whole thing.  This would accomplish two worthy objectives.  First, it would end the campaign of that despicable charlatan, Mitt Romney, who is stuck in single-digits everywhere except for Iowa and New Hampshire, the two states into which he has poured his entire warchest.  Beating Romney in Ames would eviscerate the paper tiger that is Mitt Romney.

Secondly, a Ron Paul victory at Ames would give Paul instant credibility as the small-government conservative in the race, as well as the only Republican candidate for a sane foreign policy.  Rudy's preaching small government on domestic issues, but is ready to double down on neoconservatism, complete with torture, a disregard for the Constitution, and nation building.  Thompson is about to become the candidate of the Religious Right; a very credible source informs me that a Faustian bargain is about to be cut that will seal the deal.  And of  course, McCain is done.  A Paul victory at Ames would make him a serious candidate, one who could win the votes of old-school conservatives and Republicans who remember the party that existed before Bush.