Petraeus, GOP Tool?

The Republican operative, Hugh Hewitt, writes:

The commentators objecting to the general being interviewed by an avowed Republican who is also a journalist no doubt don't object to Tim Russert, George Stephanopoulos and Chris Matthews running talk shows depsite their past partisan attachments. This amusing double standard says nothing about the ability of those Dems who are also journalists to conduct interviews, but volumes about the gullibility of the anti-intellectuals who want General Petraeus only to speak to the MSM and thus through the filter of MSM. That's an absurd straight-jacket which the [sic] neither the military nor any other institution in America ought to put on.

The notion that Hewitt is equatable with Stephanopoulos, Russert or Matthews is absurd. Hewitt is not a former pol; he is a current pol. He is a key advocate of one major Republican candidate and he is the author of books urging the creation of a one-party state in America, the GOP. He has no interest whatever in the truth, only propaganda. Any listener to his show will be in no doubt about this. Here are two of his "questions" to Petraeus:

Some of the arguments about Iraq in the United States argue that it’s possible for American troops to withdraw to their bases and just strike at al Qaeda, sort of an Anbar only option, I guess. Does that make any sense to you at all, General Petraeus?

You know, that…in the forward to that manual that you wrote with General Amos, it said you needed a flexible, adaptive force led by agile, well-informed, culturally astute leaders. You’re just describing that kind of a force. Is it increasing in its lethality and effectiveness on an exponential basis, General?

One of his responses to a Petraeus set-up answer was simply: "wow." He is as much a propagandist as Michael Moore but much, much more partisan than Moore. For Petraeus to allow himself to be used in this way is a serious failure of judgment. And used he was. Just look how Hewitt coopted the military leadership for the Bush-Cheney narrative. This is pure Weimar: stab-in-the-back reactionaries trying to coopt the military for an agenda of one-party rule in defense of the homeland. Petraeus will regret his misjudgment. For him to aid, abet and ally himself with such a vicious and extreme partisan can only serve to undermine his critical presentation in September.