Over the Edge

A reader writes:

William Kristol's latest editorial was the last straw for me.  Until now I've been willing to sit on the sideline and listen to both sides of an argument that continues to snowball in the direction of people who agree that our Iraq policy has done more harm than good to the interests of the US and Iraq. I'm an ex-Marine  who initially supported our efforts to overthrow a dangerous, rogue regime that I believed, based on the cherry-picked intelligence presented, was a clear and present danger to the United States.  Regardless of the justification, I now believe that this administration's arrogant, amateurish, ham-handed post-war occupation ruined our best chance for success (which was approximately five years ago) and that we are merely postponing the inevitable as we continue to make the United States a more desirable target for Islamic terrorists everywhere, not to mention the monstrous carnage we have and will continue to visit upon a majority of Iraqis.

With desperation on full display, Kristol's latest and most pointed accusation that anyone with a reasoned objection to that policy is a cut and run coward who is backstabbing our troops finally sent me over the edge. I love my country and am under no illusion that the freedoms it provides me are cost-free but if either of my children told me they wanted to enter the military now I would literally beg them not to do it ... that's how little I trust this administration.   

I'd take this opportunity to point out the cowardice it takes for a serial supporter of this administration's failed strategies to hide behind the sacrifices of our soldiers while using it as an argument for more of the same (let's "surge" the troops while we piss on the findings of the Iraqi Study Group), and even though his latest rantings will probably do his cause more harm than good I still won't stand by and allow myself to be insulted for expecting as much of my country's leadership as they expect of those they lead.  I'm sure you hear this general sentiment, much more eloquently stated, a hundred times a day but I still want to add my voice to growing tide that will hopefully wash away the disgrace that this adminstration and its current batch of shameless supporters have brought on this country.