Mike Gravel on the Human Rights Campaign

One of the few Democratic candidates who actually supports gay equality without reservation is not invited by the Human Rights Campaign for their presidential debate. To his credit, Gravel sees why:

According to a HRC spokesperson, I didn't raise enough money and therefore my candidacy did not meet their standard of "viability." But that's strange -- CNN, PBS, NBC and the NAACP invited me to their debates without evaluating my financial viability. Ironically I think the real reason why HRC didn't invite me is that I'm too vocal in my advocacy of gay rights. None of the top tier candidates would have been comfortable facing an opponent who consistently points out their refusal to embrace true equality for gays and lesbians.

I love it when outsiders begin to rumble the HRC scam. It usually doesn't take long if you're allergic to bullshit. Gravel seems to be, which is why he understands that HRC cares much less about gay equality than about their own money and access. This debate is designed to maximize both. There will be no tough questions. Especially of Clinton. Solmonese and Etheridge are her stooges.