McCain As Lear

Publius unpacks the analogy:

Here's a man whose daughter – daughter – was viciously slandered by the GOP political machine in South Carolina, which included the social conservative hierarchy. Here's a man who endured unspeakable torture. Here's a man who, for better or worse, came to prominence through high-profile dissents from party orthodoxy. And in the past three years, he’s abandoned it all ...

McCain's soul-selling will be remembered (forever) in one of two very different ways. On the one hand, it could be remembered as the shrewd political calculation that won him the nomination and then the presidency. More likely, it will be remembered as pathetic hypocrisy that will accompany his permanent, eternal humiliation. He will soon go from media darling to "pathetic loser." Dukakis: Welcome to the club.

I think that's too severe. I think he has tried to do the right thing and his politicking in the environment he's in - the toxic state of the GOP - was about as minimal as he could muster. Yes, I'm still a sap for the guy, for all his faults.