Liberals For Romney?

Is he the least worst candidate for the GOP? Some think so:

He is a flip-flopper. To me that means he does not believe the rightwing garbage he puts out with such abandon. Am I really to believe that he used to be accepting of gays but, with time, learned to be a bigot? Or that he used to be pro-choice but stem cell research (stem cell research!) made him favor back alley abortions? Or that a guy who never fired a gun in his life is now a die-hard gun nut.

Nope. I don't believe it. I think he is lying through his teeth to get the GOP nomination and that, as President, could well flip flop again.

That's my feeling too. He will do and say anything that helps him at the moment. For example: he's very pro-gay, but as soon as he saw the chance to advance his own career by demonizing our relationships, he seized it. At his core, he's an old-style Rockefeller Republican, trying to adapt to the religious fanatics who now control the GOP base. Will he screw them over in office? Not if it isn't in his interest. I think of him as a shrewd, principle-free Clinton-style pol. And I don't think the evangelicals in the GOP base will tolerate an infidel as their nominee. Steve Benen has more.