Kirstin Gore On Maureen Dowd?


Ambers finds several nuggets in the Gore daughter's roman a clef about a former president in the White House:

The President's wife Fiona "had a reputation for being fiercely loyal to her husband and aggressively protective of his interests." Among her inner circle, her "paranoia was legendary, though her staff did everything they could to prevent ousiders from getting wind of it."

There's also a continuing subplot involving New York Times reporter "Chick Wallrey," who "described everything the administration did in the darkest and most cynical terms." She is "short and rotund, with dyed black hair and raccoon eyes courtesy of heavy eyeliner." The press office posits that Wallrey is "deeply unhappy in her personal life" and "bitter towards everyone."

Calling her "Chick" seems particularly, er, bitter?

(Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty.)