Hummer Bummer

Enviro-activists go all terrorist on us. The Washington Post story is here. I have to say that while I completely abhor the violence, I don't abhor the sentiment. Parking a 7-foot high Hummer in your neighborhood is about as irritating as watching one careen down the small streets of Provincetown. We have to create a social stigma toward people totally contemptuous of the environment. I agree with this woman:

Another neighbor, Lani Fremaux, 58, said she bought a T-shirt months ago with a picture of a Hummer and above it the word "Bummer." She wore the shirt proudly but said she is so upset with recent events on her street that she might retire it.

"They've got everything at their disposal in this city to make a statement in a legal way," Fremaux said of the bat-wielding men who struck out at the Hummer. "I consider this a hate crime."

Well: a hate crime is a stretch. These owners of massive, gas-guzzling behemoth cars deserve social opprobrium. They also deserve to have their property respected.